Compositional and isotopic data on core MD84641, supplement to: Fontugne, Michel R; Calvert, Stephen E (1992): Late Pleistocene variability of the carbon isotopic composition of organic matter in the eastern Mediterranean: monitor of changes in carbon sources and atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Paleoceanography, 7(1), 1-20

Michel R Fontugne & Stephen E Calvert
The organic carbon isotopic record of the sapropels(S1 and S3-S10) and intercalated marl oozes has been determined in a 12-m piston core from the eastern Mediterranean. The d13C_organic values are systematically lighter (mean=-21.0±0.82 per mil) in all sapropels and heavier (mean=-18.8±1.07 per mil) in the marl oozes. These differences are not due to variable marine and terrestrial organic matter mixtures because all values are heavier than modern plankton in the Mediterranean, there is no relationship...
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