Stable oxygen and carbon isotope ratios and paleotemperature reconstructions from Inoceramus in Cretaceous sediments of DSDP Sites, supplement to: Saltzman, Eric S; Barron, E J (1982): Deep circulation in the Late Cretaceous: oxygen isotope paleotemperatures from Inoceramus remains in D.S.D.P. cores. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 40(1-3), 167-181

Eric S Saltzman & E J Barron
Inoceramus is an epibenthic bivalve which lived in a wide variety of paleoenvironments encompassing a broad range of paleodepths. A survey of all Cretaceous sediments from Deep Sea Drilling Project legs 1-69 and 75 revealed over 500 Inoceramus specimens at twenty sites. Of these, 47 well-preserved Late Cretaceous specimens from the South Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans were analyzed for oxygen and carbon isotopes. The specimens exhibit small internal isotopic variability and oxygen isotopic paleotemperatures...
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