Ages and diatom temperature values of DSDP sites in the western Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Koizumi, Itaru (1994): Spectral analysis of the diatom paleotemperature records at DSDP Sites 579 and 580 near the subarctic front in the western North Pacific. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 108(3-4), 475-485

Itaru Koizumi
Maximum entropy spectral analyses and a fitting test to find the best suitable curve for the modified time series based on the non-linear least squares method for Td (diatom temperature) values were performed for the Quaternary portion of the DSDP Sites 579 and 580 in the western North Pacific. The sampling interval averages 13.7 kyr in the Brunhes Chron (0-780 ka) and 16.5 kyr in the later portion of the Matuyama Chron (780-1800 ka) at...
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