Stable carbon and oxygen isotope record of Maastrichtian sediments from DSDP Site 74-528 in the South Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: d'Hondt, Steven L; Lindinger, Matthias (1994): A stable isotopic record of the Maastrichtian ocean-climate system: South Atlantic DSDP site 528. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 112(3-4), 363-378

Steven L d'Hondt & Matthias Lindinger
The upper Maastrichtian interval of mid-latitude South Atlantic Deep Sea Drilling Project site 528 spans approximately the last 4 million years of the Cretaceous. The isotopic record of this sequence indicates that relatively large (0.5-1.0‰) late Maastrichtian oxygen and carbon isotopic shifts occurred on geologically short time scales (less than 100-500 kyr). Comparison with previous oxygen isotopic data suggests that in high- and mid-latitude southern oceans the multimillion-year Maastrichtian cooling trend largely resulted from geologically...
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