Grain-size distribution, and calcium carbonate and organic carbon concentrations in ODP Hole 160-969D in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (Table 1), supplement to: Hassold, Noralynn J C; Rea, David K; Meyers, Philip A (2003): Grain size evidence for variations in delivery of terrigenous sediments to a Middle Pleistocene interrupted sapropel from ODP Site 969, Mediterranean Ridge. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 190, 211-219

Noralynn J C Hassold, David K Rea & Philip A Meyers
Grain size distributions of the <63 µm terrigenous fraction of closely spaced sediment samples were measured across an interrupted sapropel sequence at ODP Site 969 on the Mediterranean Ridge to explore possible climaterelated changes in delivery of wind-borne particles. Size distribution patterns are generally typical of hemipelagic sediment with a subordinate amount of eolian material. However, the eolian fraction increases in the sapropel layers, which contrasts with findings from elsewhere in the Mediterranean but is...
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