Accumulation and composition of terrigenous material on Ceara rise over the past 55 Ma, supplement to: Dobson, David M; Dickens, Gerald Roy; Rea, David K (2001): Terrigenous sediment on Ceara Rise: a Cenozoic record of South American orogeny and erosion. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 165(3-4), 215-229

David M Dobson, Gerald Roy Dickens & David K Rea
Ceara Rise, located east the Amazon River mouth, is covered with a thick blanket of pelagic carbonate and hemipelagic terrigenous sediment. The terrigenous component has been extracted from 57 bulk sediment samples at Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Sites 925 and 929 on Ceara Rise to obtain a Cenozoic record of riverine discharge from northern South America. From the early Eocene to early Miocene (55-20 Ma), terrigenous accumulation was dominated by moderate amounts of generally large-grained,...
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