Chemical, isotope and mineral composition of hydrothermally altered upper oceanic crust drilled at ODP Site 129-801C, supplement to: Alt, Jeffrey C; Teagle, Damon A H (2003): Hydrothermal alteration of upper oceanic crust formed at a fast-spreading ridge: mineral, chemical, and isotopic evidence from ODP Site 801. Chemical Geology, 201(3-4), 191-211

Jeffrey C Alt & Damon A H Teagle
ODP Hole 801C penetrates >400 m into 170-Ma oceanic basement formed at a fast-spreading ridge. Most basalts are slightly (10–20%) recrystallized to saponite, calcite, minor celadonite and iron oxyhydroxides, and trace pyrite. Temperatures estimated from oxygen isotope data for secondary minerals are 5–100°C, increasing downward. At the earliest stage, dark celadonitic alteration halos formed along fractures and celadonite, and quartz and chalcedony formed in veins from low-temperature (<100°C) hydrothermal fluids. Iron oxyhydroxides subsequently formed in...
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