Chemical and isotope compositions of interstitial water in sediments from Mediterranean basin at DSDP Sites 42-372 and 42-374, supplement to: Vengosh, Avner; Gieskes, Joris M; Mahn, Chris L (2000): New evidence for the origin of hypersaline pore fluids in the Mediterranean basin. Chemical Geology, 163(1), 287-298

Avner Vengosh, Joris M Gieskes & Chris L Mahn
The Br/Cl, Li/Cl and B/Cl ratios and boron isotope compositions of hypersaline pore fluids from DSDP Sites 372 and 374 were measured in an attempt to evaluate the origin of the brines. In Site 374 the relationships between the Cl concentrations (up to 5000 mM) and Br/Cl (~0.012), Na/Cl (as low as 0.1), B/Cl (0.0025), and d11B values (43-55 per mil ) of the deep pore water between 380 and 405 mbsf, located within the...
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