(Table 1) Chemical composition of green clays in sandstone from different depths at ODP Site 126-793B, supplement to: Tazaki, Kazue; Fyfe, William S (1992): Microbial green marine clay from Izu-Bonin (west Pacific) deep-sea sediments. Chemical Geology, 102(1-4), 105-118

Kazue Tazaki & William S Fyfe
Microbial green marine clays in deep-sea sediments were recovered from the Izu-Bonin fore-arc basin at Leg 126 of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) along the Bonin-Mariana trench. Green spherical materials and remnants of dead microbial cells of filamentous bacteria are abundant in the green marine clays. Organic carbon and graphite were found in the volcanic sandstone. Transmission electron microscope observations clearly show processes of graphite mineralization from low-crystallinity to well-crystallized graphite. However, X-ray photoelectron spectrochemical...
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