Lithology and measurement of largest grains in ODP Hole 152-918D (Table 1), supplement to: Helland, P E; Holmes, Mary Anne (1997): Surface textural analysis of quartz sand grains from ODP Site 918 off the southeast coast of Greenland suggests glaciation of southern Greenland at 11 Ma. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 135(1-4), 109-121

P E Helland & Mary Anne Holmes
Shipboard analysis of the 1183-m sedimentary section recovered at Site 918 in the Irminger Basin during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 152 revealed material of glacial origin (diamictons, ice-rafted debris (IRD) and dropstones) as deep as 543 m below sea floor (bsf). The sediment containing the deepest dropstone was biostratigraphically dated shipboard as approximately 7 Ma, pushing back the date for the onset of glaciation on southern Greenland by 5 Ma. Thin layers of fine sand...
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