Organic δ¹³C values, kerogen atomic C/N ratios and relative weights of some kerogen pyrolysis products of ODP Hole 112-682A (Table 1), supplement to: Vetó, István; Hertelendi, Ede; Sajgó, Csanád; Brukner-Wein, Alice (1999): Upward increase of kerogen d13C in the Peru Margin Upper Oligocene: possible implications for the Cenozoic evolution of atmospheric CO2. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 145(1-3), 33-42

István Vetó, Ede Hertelendi, Csanád Sajgó & Alice Brukner-Wein
Carbon isotopic composition of predominantly marine kerogen in latest Oligocene mudstones of the Peru Margin ODP 682A Hole shows an about 3.5 per mil increase with decreasing age. Py-GC and elemental (C=N ratio) analysis of the kerogen plus sulphur isotopic study together with earlier knowledge on geological setting and organic geochemistry results in a better understanding of depositionary environment and allows to separation of the influence of concentration of water dissolved carbon dioxide (ce) on...
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