Oxygen and carbon isotope data from late calcite and zeolite pore-fill cements at DSDP Site 445, supplement to: Lee, Yong Il (1987): Isotopic aspects of thermal and burial diagenesis of sandstones at DSDP Site 445, Daito Ridge, Northwest Pacific Ocean. Chemical Geology, 65(2), 95-102

Yong Il Lee
Oxygen isotopic composition of zeolite pore-fill cements in andesitic volcaniclastic sandstones recovered from DSDP Site 445 ranges from +30.1 to +17.8‰ (SMOW) downhole. This change is controlled by large heat flow from the basement which caused early diagenetic emplacement of zeolites during early basin rifting. d18O-values of late calcite cements range from +25.1 to +27.4‰ (SMOW); their petrographic relation and inferred temperature of formation suggest that calcite cements were formed during late stages of diagenesis....
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