Chemical and isotope compositions of rocks from altered ocean crust at DSDP/ODP Sites 417/418, supplement to: Staudigel, Hubert; Davies, Gareth R; Hart, Stanley R; Marchant, K M; Smith, Brian M (1995): Large scale isotopic Sr, Nd and O isotopic anatomy of altered oceanic crust: DSDP/ODP sites 417/418. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 130(1-4), 169-185

Hubert Staudigel, Gareth R Davies, Stanley R Hart, K M Marchant & Brian M Smith
Large-scale compositional domains at DSDP/ODP drill sites 417A, 417D and 418A were analyzed for O, Sr and Nd isotope ratios, and REE, U, K, Rb and Sr abundances, to constrain the bulk chemical composition of the oceanic crust that is recycled at subduction zones. The combination of the three sites gives the composition of the upper oceanic crust in this region over a distance of about 8 km. The d18O(SMOW) and 87Sr/86Sr(meas) of compositional domains...
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