(Table 2) 87Sr/86Sr ratios of DSDP Site 38-336 samples, supplement to: Gieskes, Joris M; Lawrence, James R; Perry, Jr, Edward A; Grady, S J; Elderfield, Henry (1987): Chemistry of interstitial waters and sediments in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 38. Chemical Geology, 63(1-2), 143-155

Joris M Gieskes, James R Lawrence, Edward A Perry, Jr, S J Grady & Henry Elderfield
Interstitial waters of several sites drilled during the Deep Sea Drilling Project in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea during Leg 38 have revealed substantial changes in dissolved constituents and in the 18O/16O composition of interstitial waters. Studies of the chemical composition of the bulk sediments and their <1µm fraction indicate the presence of large amounts of volcanic ash, especially in sites close to Iceland. The presence of authigenic clay minerals (illite/smectite) suggests that alteration of this volcanic...
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