Chemical composition of basal metalliferous sediments from DSDP Leg 9, supplement to: Bloch, Salman (1981): Antipathetic magnesium-manganese relationship in basal metalliferous sediments. Chemical Geology, 33(1-2), 101-113

Salman Bloch
Basal metalliferous sediments from sites 77B, 80 and 81 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project represent mixtures of pelagic clay, biogenic ooze, and a metalliferous component of hydrothermal origin. The metalliferous end-member of the sediments displays a strong inverse relationship (r = -0.88) between Mg and Mn. Mg is most likely tied up in an X-ray amorphous Mg-silicate ("sepiolite"), whereas Mn occurs almost exclusively in an oxide phase. Precipitation of the Mg-rich phase is favored...
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