(Table 1) Composition of pore water from ODP Site 997 holes A and B, supplement to: Egeberg, Per Kristian; Barth, Tanja (1998): Contribution of dissolved organic species to the carbon and energy budgets of hydrate bearing deep sea sediments (Ocean Drilling Program Site 997 Blake Ridge). Chemical Geology, 149(1), 25-35

Per Kristian Egeberg & Tanja Barth
Pore water extracted from sediments penetrated on Leg 164 of the Ocean Drilling Program at the Blake Ridge West. Atlantic were analyzed for acetate, total dissolved organic carbon, bromide and iodide, to help explain the occurrence of subsurface maxima in bacteria biomass and activity reported previously from a nearby site. The high concentrations of these organic matter decomposition by-products in the pore waters from sediments with moderate concentrations of sedimentary organic matter can convincingly be...
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