Isotopic and chemical compositions of DSDP site 18-174 sediments, supplement to: Prytulak, Julie; Vervoort, Jeff D; Plank, Terry; Yu, Chunjiang (2006): Astoria Fan sediments, DSDP site 174, Cascadia Basin: Hf–Nd–Pb constraints on provenance and outburst flooding. Chemical Geology, 233(3-4), 276-292

Julie Prytulak, Jeff D Vervoort, Terry Plank & Chunjiang Yu
The Astoria submarine fan, located off the coast of Washington and Oregon, has grown throughout the Pleistocene from continental input delivered by the Columbia River drainage system. Enormous floods from the sudden release of glacial lake water occurred periodically during the Pleistocene, carrying vast amounts of sediment to the Pacific Ocean. DSDP site 174, located on the southern distal edge of the Astoria Fan, is composed of 879 m of terrigenous sediments. The section is...
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