Chemical and mineral compositions of altered peridotites from ODP Leg 209, supplement to: Paulick, Holger; Bach, Wolfgang; Godard, Marguerite; de Hoog, J C M; Suhr, G; Harvey, Jason (2006): Geochemistry of abyssal peridotites (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 15°20'N, ODP Leg 209): implications for fluid-rock interaction in slow spreading environments. Chemical Geology, 234(3-4), 179-210

Holger Paulick, Wolfgang Bach, Jason Harvey, Marguerite Godard, J C M de Hoog & G Suhr
Abyssal peridotite from the 15°20'N area of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge show complex geochemical variations among the different sites drilled during ODP Leg 209. Major element compositions indicate variable degrees of melt depletion and refertilization as well as local hydrothermal metasomatism. Strongest evidence for melt-rock interactions are correlated Light Rare Earth Element (LREE) and High Field Strength Element (HFSE) additions at Sites 1270 and 1271. In contrast, hydrothermal alteration at Sites 1274, 1272, and 1268 causes...
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