Chemical and isotopic compositions of volcanics from ODP Hole 210-1276, supplement to: Hart, Stanley R; Blusztajn, Jerzy S (2006): Age and geochemistry of the mafic sills, ODP site 1276, Newfoundland margin. Chemical Geology, 235(3-4), 222-237

Stanley R Hart & Jerzy S Blusztajn
Site 1276, Leg 210 of the Ocean Drilling Program, was located on the Newfoundland margin in a seismically-defined ~128 Ma "transitional" crust just west of the presumed oceanic crust, and the M3 magnetic anomaly. The goal of drilling on this non-volcanic margin was to study the rifting, nature of basement, and post-rift sedimentation in the Newfoundland-Iberia rift. Drilling of this 1739 m hole was terminated 90-160 m above basement, in the lower of a doublet...
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