Chemical and Sr isotopic compositions of 3 step leachates and residues of bulk samples, zeolites, and smectites from Lower Miocene sediments at ODP Site 166-1007, supplement to: Karpoff, Anne Marie; Destrigneville, Christine; Stille, Peter (2007): Clinoptilolite as a new proxy of enhanced biogenic silica productivity in lower Miocene carbonate sediments of the Bahamas platform: Isotopic and thermodynamic evidence. Chemical Geology, 245(3-4), 285-304

Anne Marie Karpoff, Christine Destrigneville & Peter Stille
Massive clinoptilolite authigenesis was observed at about 1105 meters below sea floor (mbsf) in lower Miocene wellcompacted carbonate periplatform sediments from the Great Bahama Bank [Ocean Drilling Program, ODP Leg 166, Site 1007]. The diagenetic assemblage comprises abundant zeolite crystallized within foraminifer tests and sedimentary matrix, as well as Mg smectites. In carbonate-rich deposits, the formation of the zeolite requires a supply of silica. Thus, the objective of the study is to determine the origin...
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