Isotopic composition of strontium in planktonic foraminiferas from sediments of the DSDP Holes 90-588 and 94-607, supplement to: Hodell, David A; Mead, Gregory; Mueller, Paul A (1990): Variation in the strontium isotopic composition of seawater (8 Ma to present); implications for chemical weathering rates and dissolved fluxes to the oceans. Chemical Geology, 80(4), 291-307

David A Hodell, Gregory Mead & Paul A Mueller
Measurements of 87Sr/86Sr on samples of planktonic foraminifers were used to reconstruct changes in the Sr isotopic composition of seawater for the past 8 Ma. The late Neogene was marked by a general, but not regular, increase in 87S/86Sr with two breaks in slope at 5.5 and 2.5 Ma. These times mark the beginning of two periods of steep increase in 87Sr/86Sr values, relative to preceding periods characterized by essentially constant values. During the last...
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