Chemical composition of siderites and clay minerals from DSDP Holes 70-506G and 70-507B, supplement to: Laverne, Christine (1993): Occurrence of siderite and ankerite in young basalts from the Galápagos Spreading Center (DSDP Holes 506G and 507B). Chemical Geology, 106(1-2), 27-46

Christine Laverne
As soon as they are emplaced on the sea floor, oceanic basalts go through a low-temperature alteration process which produces black halos concentrical with exposed surfaces and cracks, whereas the grey internal parts of the basaltic pieces apparently remain unaltered.This paper reports for the first time the occurrence of authigenic siderite and ankerite in oceanic basalts and more particularly in the grey internal parts of the latter. Small (8-50 µm) crystals of zoned siderite and...
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