Chemical composition of bottom sediments at DSDP Sites 91-595 and 91-596 and ODP Sites 114-701 and 129-801, supplement to: Plank, Terry; Langmuir, Charles H (1998): The chemical composition of subducting sediment and its consequences for the crust and mantle. Chemical Geology, 145(3-4), 325-394

Terry Plank & Charles H Langmuir
Subducted sediments play an important role in arc magmatism and crust-mantle recycling. Models of continental growth, continental composition, convergent margin magmatism and mantle heterogeneity all require a better understanding of the mass and chemical fluxes associated with subducting sediments. We have evaluated subducting sediments on a global basis in order to better define their chemical systematics and to determine both regional and global average compositions. We then use these compositions to assess the importance of...
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