(Tables 1-2) Re, Os concentrations and 187Os/188Os of gabbros from ODP Site 118-735B, supplement to: Blusztajn, Jerzy S; Hart, Stanley R; Ravizza, Gregory E; Dick, Henry J B (2000): Platinum-group elements and Os isotopic characteristics of the lower oceanic crust. Chemical Geology, 168(1-2), 113-122

Jerzy S Blusztajn, Stanley R Hart, Gregory E Ravizza & Henry J B Dick
We present osmium isotopic compositions and Os, Re and platinum-group element (PGE) contents in the lower oceanic crust gabbros from ODP Site 735B on the Southwest Indian Ridge. The average gabbros are very depleted in PGEs, e.g. the Os concentrations are very low and range from 0.5 to 38 ppt. One troctolite sample is an exception, containing, e.g. 376 ppt Os, 396 ppt Ir and 8 ppb Pd. Re contents are extremely heterogeneous, ranging from...
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