Trace element concentrations and Li isotope composition in DSDP and ODP sediments from island arcs, supplement to: Bouman, Claudia; Elliott, Tim; Vroon, Pieter Z (2004): Lithium inputs to subduction zones. Chemical Geology, 212(1-2), 59-79

Claudia Bouman, Tim Elliott & Pieter Z Vroon
We have studied the sedimentary and basaltic inputs of lithium to subduction zones. Various sediments from DSDP and ODP drill cores in front of the Mariana, South Sandwich, Banda, East Sunda and Lesser Antilles island arcs have been analysed and show highly variable Li contents and d7Li values. The sediment piles in front of the Mariana and South Sandwich arcs largely consist of pelagic sediments (clays and oozes). The pelagic clays have high Li contents...
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