(Table 3) Gas hydrates collected within the Blake Ridge region, DSDP/ODP data, supplement to: Borowski, Walter S (2004): A review of methane and gas hydrates in the dynamic, stratified system of the Blake Ridge region, offshore southeastern North America. Chemical Geology, 205(3-4), 311-346

Walter S Borowski
The Blake Ridge region lies on the passive margin of southeastern North America and contains a large amount of methane gas hydrate. The methane and methane gas hydrate are predominantly biogenic, apparently produced by CO2 reduction. Reflection seismics indicate that bottom-simulating reflectors (BSRs) enclose ~55,000 sq. km, with high-amplitude BSRs covering ~26,000 sq. km.Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 164 drilled three deep holes on a 10-km-long transect (Sites 994, 995, and 997; water depth 2770-2798...
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