(Table 6) Sb isotope composition of bottom sediments from ODP Hole 185-1149A, supplement to: Rouxel, Olivier J; Ludden, John N; Fouquet, Yves (2003): Antimony isotope variations in natural systems and implications for their use as geochemical tracers. Chemical Geology, 200(1-2), 25-40

Olivier J Rouxel, John N Ludden & Yves Fouquet
Multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS) has been used for the precise measurement of Sb isotopic composition in geological samples, as well as Sb(III) and Sb(V) species in aqueous samples. Sb is chemically purified prior to analysis by using cation-exchange resin and cotton impregnated with thioglycollic acid (TCF). Purification through cation-exchange resin is required for the removal of matrix interfering elements such as transitional metals, whereas TCF is required for the separation of other...
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