Paleotemperature reconstruction for the past 0.55 Ma of the Subantarctic zone, supplement to: Becquey, Sabine; Gersonde, Rainer (2003): A 0.55-Ma paleotemperature record from the Subantarctic zone: Implications for Antarctic Circumpolar Current development. Paleoceanography, 18(1), 1014

Sabine Becquey & Rainer Gersonde
Estimates of summer sea surface temperatures (SSSTs) derived from planktic foraminiferal associations using the Modern Analog Technique and combined with isotopic analyses and determination of ice-rafted debris, mirror the Pleistocene evolution of the planktic Subantarctic surface waters in the Atlantic Ocean. The SSSTs indicate that the isotherms that define the modern polar front zone and Subantarctic front, were located at more northerly latitudes (up to 7°) during most of the investigated period, which covers the...
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