(Table 1) Forms of iron, organic and inorganic carbon, aluminium, molybdenum, pyrite sulphur and its isotope composition in bottom sediments of the Cariaco Basin, ODP Site 165-1002, supplement to: Lyons, Timothy W; Werne, Josef P; Hollander, David J; Murray, Richard W (2003): Contrasting sulfur geochemistry and Fe/Al and Mo/Al ratios across the last oxic-to-anoxic transition in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Chemical Geology, 195(1-4), 131-157

Timothy W Lyons, Josef P Werne, David J Hollander & Richard W Murray
An abrupt transition from oxic to anoxic-sulfidic (euxinic) marine bottom waters occurred in the Cariaco Basin in response to increasing productivity resulting from the late Pleistocene post-glacial rise in sea level and corresponding increase in surface-water nutrient availability. The microlaminated sediments of the euxinic interval, which span the last not, vert, similar14.5 ky, suggest a predominance of water-column (syngenetic) pyrite formation based on (1) high pyrite sulfur (Spy) concentrations in the surficial sediment layers, (2)...
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