Mid-Pliocene polarity zones of ODP Site 177-1092 (Table 2), supplement to: Andersson, Carin; Warnke, Detlef A; Channell, James E T; Stoner, Joseph S; Jansen, Eystein (2002): The mid-Pliocene (4.3-2.6 Ma) benthic stable isotope record of the Southern Ocean: ODP Sites 1092 and 704, Meteor Rise. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 182(3-4), 165-181

Carin Andersson, Detlef A Warnke, James E T Channell, Joseph S Stoner & Eystein Jansen
We present mid-Pliocene (4.3-2.6 Ma) benthic stable oxygen and carbon isotope data from Ocean Drilling Program Site 1092 (ODP Leg 177) drilled in the sub-Antarctic sector of the Southern Ocean. The results are compared with the stable isotope results from nearby Site 704 (ODP Leg 114). Oxygen isotope data show that minimum values are about 0.5 per mil less than those of the Holocene, which is consistent with the results from Site 704, indicating only...
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