Isotopic composition of rocks from the Lau/Tonga back-arc basin, data of DSDP Leg 21 and ODP Legs 91 an 135, supplement to: Hergt, Janet M; Woodhead, Jon D (2007): A critical evaluation of recent models for Lau/Tonga arc/back-arc basin magmatic evolution. Chemical Geology, 245(1-2), 9-44

Janet M Hergt & Jon D Woodhead
New trace element, Sr-, Nd-, Pb- and Hf isotope data provide insights into the evolution of the Tonga-Lau Basin subduction system. The involvement of two separate mantle domains, namely Pacific MORB mantle in the pre-rift and early stages of back-arc basin formation, and Indian MORB mantle in the later stages, is confirmed by these results. Contrary to models proposed in recent studies on the basis of Pb isotope and other compositional data, this change in...
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