Radiolarian-based paleotemperatures of ODP Site 177-1089 in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean, supplement to: Cortese, Giuseppe; Abelmann, Andrea (2002): Radiolarian-based paleotemperatures during the last 160 kyrs at ODP Site 1089 (Southern Ocean, Atlantic Sector). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 182(3-4), 259-286

Giuseppe Cortese & Andrea Abelmann
Two cores, Site 1089 (ODP Leg 177) and PS2821-1, recovered from the same location (40°56'S; 9°54'E) at the Subtropical Front (STF) in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean, provide a high-resolution climatic record, with an average temporal resolution of less than 600 yr. A multi-proxy approach was used to produce an age model for Core PS2821-1, and to correlate the two cores. Both cores document the last climatic cycle, from Marine Isotopic Stage 6...
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