Rhenium and platinum-group element concentrations and Os isotope data for Philippine Sea Plate basalts from DSDP Legs 31, 58, and 59, supplement to: Dale, Christopher W; Luguet, Ambre; Macpherson, C G; Pearson, D Graham; Hickey-Vargas, Rosemary (2008): Extreme platinum group element fractionation and variable Os isotope compositions in Philippine Sea Plate basalts: Tracing mantle source heterogeneity. Chemical Geology, 248(3-4), 213-238

Christopher W Dale, Ambre Luguet, C G Macpherson, D Graham Pearson & Rosemary Hickey-Vargas
Platinum-group elements (PGE), rhenium and osmium isotope data are reported for basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project cores in the Philippine Sea Plate (PSP). Lithophile trace element and isotopic characteristics indicate a range of source components including DMM, EMII and subduction-enriched mantle. MORB-like basalts possess smooth, inclined chondrite-normalised PGE patterns with high palladium-PGE/iridium-PGE ratios, consistent with previously published data for MORB, and with the inferred compatibility of PGE. In contrast, while basalts with EMII-type lithophile...
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