(Table 1) Composition of rocks from ODP Hole 140-504B before and after leaching experiments, supplement to: Bach, Wolfgang; Irber, Wolfgang (1998): Rare earth element mobility in the oceanic lower sheeted dyke complex; evidence from geochemical data and leaching experiments. Chemical Geology, 151(1-4), 309-326

Wolfgang Bach & Wolfgang Irber
Hydrothermally altered rocks from the base metal depleted reaction zone in the lower sheeted dyke complex (ODP Hole 504B) show significant losses of rare earth elements (REE) in extensively altered domains (alteration patches). While very similar in major element composition and alteration mineralogy, the alteration patches have up to 50% lower REE concentrations than the surrounding weakly altered diabases. In order to test if there is a dependence of REE mobility on the alteration history,...
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