Contents of organic compounds in sediments from DSDP Legs 1 and 4, supplement to: Aizenshtat, Z; Baedecker, M J; Kaplan, I R (1973): Distribution and diagenesis of organic compounds in JOIDES sediment from Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 37(8), 1881-1898

Z Aizenshtat, M J Baedecker & I R Kaplan
Fifteen sediment samples were studied from five drill sites recovered by the Glomar Challenger on Legs I and IV in the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic. This study concentrated on compounds derived from biogenic precursors, namely: (1) hydrocarbons, (2) fatty acids, (3) pigments and (4) amino acids.Carbon isotope (dC13) data [values >C27) with odd carbon numbered molecules dominating even carbon numbered species, and presence of perylene proved useful as possible indicators for terrigenous contributions...
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