(Table 1) Mineralogy of basal sediments from DSDP Hole 25-245, supplement to: Gieskes, Joris M; Kastner, Miriam; Warner, Theodore B (1975): Evidence for extensive diagenesis, Madagascar Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Site 245. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 39(10), 1385-1393

Joris M Gieskes, Miriam Kastner & Theodore B Warner
Deep Sea Drilling Hole 245 (31°32'S, 52°18'E) in the southwest Indian Ocean shows pronounced linear concentration-depth gradients in interstitial dissolved Ca, Mg and Sr. Electrical conductivity tests enable us to make the estimate of a constant diffusion coefficient with depth of about 0.000002 cm**2/sec. The shapes of the concentration-depth gradients suggest that the major reaction sites in this hole are situated in the basal sediments and/or underlying basalts. It is proposed that observed interstitial water...
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