Oxygen, carbon and strontium isotope data for DSDP Hole 35-323, supplement to: Lawrence, James R; Drever, James I; Anderson, Thomas F; Brueckner, H K (1979): Importance of alteration of volcanic material in the sediments of Deep Sea Drilling Site 323: chemistry, 18O/16O and 87Sr/86Sr. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 43(4), 573-588

James R Lawrence, James I Drever, Thomas F Anderson & H K Brueckner
A downhole decrease in 18O, Mg(2+) and K+, an increase in Ca(2+) and a low 87Sr/86Sr ratio of 0.7067 in the pore fluids of DSDP site 323 were caused principally by the alteration of volcanic material. These chemical and isotopic patterns were produced by the alteration, in order of decreasing importance of: a 60-m thick basal layer of volcanic ash; the underlying basalts; and igneous components in the 640-m thick upper sequence composed largely of...
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