Step-heating degassing data for argon-39 from volcanic rocks drilled in the Shikoku Basin and Mariana trench, DSDP Legs 58 and 60, supplement to: Ozima, Minoru; Takigami, Yutaka (1980): Activation energy for thermal release of Ar from some DSDP submarine rocks. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 44(1), 141-144

Minoru Ozima & Yutaka Takigami
From the experimental data on stepwise thermal release of neutron induced 39Ar (39K (n, p) 39Ar) from rocks and minerals, Arrhenius plots were constructed, which gave activation energies for the thermal release process. The activation energies for DSDP Leg 58 and Leg 60 submarine volcanic rocks range from 12 to 20 kcal/mol, whereas those for granodiorites and the K-feldspar separates have activation energies ranging from 37 to 48 kcal/mol. The smaller activation energies for the...
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