Geochemistry of terrigenous material in deep-sea sediments of the equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Ziegler, Christa L; Murray, Richard W; Plank, Terry; Hemming, Sidney R (2008): Sources of Fe to the equatorial Pacific Ocean from the Holocene to Miocene. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 270(3-4), 258-270

Christa L Ziegler, Richard W Murray, Terry Plank & Sidney R Hemming
Biological productivity in the modern equatorial Pacific Ocean, a region with high nutrients and low chlorophyll, is currently limited by the micronutrient Fe. In order to test whether Fe was limiting in the past and to identify potential pathways of Fe delivery that could drive Fe fertilization (i.e., dust delivery from eolian inputs vs. Fe supplied by the Equatorial Undercurrent), we chemically isolated the terrigenous material from sediment along a cross-equatorial transect in the central...
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