Halogene concentrations and iodine isotopic composition in pore water on Hydrare Ridge, Cascadia continental margin, supplement to: Fehn, Udo; Lu, Zunli; Tomaru, Hitoshi (2006): Data report: 129I/I ratios and halogen concentrations in pore water of Hydrate Ridge and their relevance for the origin of gas hydrates: a progress report. In: Tréhu, A.M., Bohrmann, G., Torres, M.E., Colwell, F.S. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, 204, 1-25(online)

Udo Fehn, Zunli Lu & Hitoshi Tomaru
We report iodine and bromine concentrations in a total of 256 pore water samples collected from all nine sites of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 204, Hydrate Ridge. In a subset of these samples, we also determined iodine ages in the fluids using the cosmogenic isotope 129I (T1/2 = 15.7 Ma). The presence of this cosmogenic isotope, combined with the strong association of iodine with methane, allows the identification of the organic source material responsible for...
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