Iodine ages of pore water at Hydrate Ridge, Cascadian continental margin, supplement to: Lu, Zunli; Tomaru, Hitoshi; Fehn, Udo (2008): Iodine ages of pore waters at Hydrate Ridge (ODP Leg 204), Cascadia Margin: Implications for sources of methane in gas hydrates. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 267(3-4), 654-665

Zunli Lu, Hitoshi Tomaru & Udo Fehn
Hydrate Ridge off the coast of Oregon, USA, is a prime example for gas hydrate occurrences in active margin settings. It is part of the Cascadia Margin and was the focus of Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 204, which successfully recovered fluids from nine sites from the southern part of the ridge. Iodide concentrations in pore fluids associated with gas hydrates are strongly enhanced, by factors up to 5000 compared to seawater, which allows the...
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