Chemical and isotopic compositions of deep-sea carbonate sediments and interstitial waters from DSDP Sites 30-288 and 30-289, supplement to: Elderfield, Henry; Gieskes, Joris M; Baker, Paul A; Oldfield, R K; Hawkesworth, Chris J; Miller, R (1982): 87Sr/88Sr and 18O/16O ratios, interstitial water chemistry and diagenesis in deep-sea carbonate sediments of the Ontong Java Plateau. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 46(11), 2259-2268

Henry Elderfield, Joris M Gieskes, Paul A Baker, R K Oldfield, Chris J Hawkesworth & R Miller
Interstitial waters and sediments from DSDP sites 288 and 289 contain information on the chemistry and diagenesis of carbonate in deep-sea sediments and on the role of volcanic matter alteration processes. Sr/Ca ratios are species dependent in unaltered foraminifera from site 289 and atom ratios (0.0012-0.0016) exceed those predicted by distribution coefficent data (~0.0004). During diagenesis Sr/Ca ratios of carbonates decrease and reach the theoretical distribution at a depth which is identical to the depth...
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