Neodymium isotope record of the past 25 Ma in the Indian Ocean, supplement to: Gourlan, Alexandra T; Meynadier, Laure M; Allègre, Claude J (2008): Tectonically driven changes in the Indian Ocean circulation over the last 25 Ma: Neodymium isotope evidence. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 267(1-2), 353-364

Alexandra T Gourlan, Laure M Meynadier & Claude J Allègre
Changes in ancient oceanic current patterns have been strongly influenced by plate tectonics, particularly by the opening or closing of gateways between different oceans. Such modifications of oceanic circulation have important consequences on climate. We studied the Nd seawater isotopic composition of Indian and Pacific Ocean cores using Nd isotopes, which are good paleo-oceanographic tracers. We focused on the past 25 Ma which are marked by the closure of the Indonesian gateway as well as...
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