Chemical and mineral compositions of basalts and volcanic glasses from DSDP Sites 65-483 and 65-485, supplement to: Kudo, A M; Barker, S E; Keil, K; Beeson, Marvin H (1982): Geochemical modelling of basalts from DSDP Leg 65, East Pacific Rise, Gulf of California. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 46(12), 2427-2434

A M Kudo, S E Barker, K Keil & Marvin H Beeson
Major and rare earth element (REE) data for basalts from Holes 483, 483B, and 485A of DSDP Leg 65, East Pacific Rise, mouth of the Gulf of California, support a simple fractional crystallization model for the genesis of rocks from this suite. The petrography and mineral chemistry (presented in detail elsewhere) provide no evidence for magma mixing, but rather a simple multistage cooling process. Based on its lowest TiO2 content (0.88%), FeO*/MgO ratio (0.95 with...
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