Radiocarbon dating on four sediment profiles from Bunger Hills, East Antarctica, supplement to: Melles, Martin; Verkulich, Sergey R; Hermichen, Wolf-Dieter (1994): Radiocarbon dating of lacustrine and marine sediments from the Bunger Hills, East Antarctica. Antarctic Science, 6(3), 375-378

Martin Melles, Sergey R Verkulich & Wolf-Dieter Hermichen
Radiocarbon dating was carried out on the total organic carbon of 19 lacustrine and marine sediment samples from the Bunger Hills. The results indicate that radiocarbon contamination is negligible throughout two sediment sequences from a fresh water lake. In contrast, two sequences from marine basins are irregularly influenced by the Antarctic Marine Reservoir Effect, which today amounts to more than 1000 years, depending on the degree of dilution with meltwater. All sediments were deposited during...
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