Sulfur isotope composition of ODP Site 801 in the western Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Rouxel, Olivier J; Ono, Shuhei; Alt, Jeffrey C; Rumble, Douglas; Ludden, John N (2008): Sulfur isotope evidence for microbial sulfate reduction in altered oceanic basalts at ODP Site 801. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 268(1-2), 110-123

Olivier J Rouxel, Shuhei Ono, Jeffrey C Alt, Douglas Rumble & John N Ludden
The subsurface biosphere in the basaltic ocean crust is potentially of major importance in affecting chemical exchange between the ocean and lithosphere. Alteration of the oceanic crust commonly yields secondary pyrite that is depleted in 34S relative to igneous sulfides. Although these 34S depleted sulfur isotope ratios may point to signatures of biological fractionation, previous interpretations of sulfur isotope fractionation in altered volcanic rocks have relied on abiotic fractionation processes between intermediate sulfur species formed...
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