Heavy minerals, grain size distribution, and ice-rafted debris in the Greenland Sea during 44 to 30 Ma, supplement to: Tripati, Aradhna K; Eagle, Robert A; Morton, Andrew C; Dowdeswell, Julian A; Atkinson, Katie L; Bahé, Yannick; Dawber, Caroline F; Khadun, Emma; Shaw, Ruth M H; Shorttle, Oliver; Thanabalasundaram, Lavaniya (2008): Evidence for glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere back to 44 Ma from ice-rafted debris in the Greenland Sea. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 265(1-2), 112-122

Aradhna K Tripati, Robert A Eagle, Andrew C Morton, Julian A Dowdeswell, Katie L Atkinson, Yannick Bahé, Caroline F Dawber, Emma Khadun, Ruth M H Shaw, Oliver Shorttle & Lavaniya Thanabalasundaram
The widely accepted age estimate for the onset of glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere ranges between 2 and 15 million years ago (Ma). However, recent studies indicate the date for glacial onset may be significantly older. We report the presence of ice-rafted debris (IRD) in ~44 to 30 Ma sediments from the Greenland Sea, evidence for glaciation in the North Atlantic during the Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene. Detailed sedimentological evidence indicates that glaciers extended...
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