Elemental and isotope compositions of lipids, kerogens and asphaltenes from samples of DSDP Hole 41-368, supplement to: Simoneit, Bernd R T; Brenner, Shmuel; Peters, K E; Kaplan, I R (1981): Thermal alteration of Cretaceous black shale by diabase intrusions in the eastern Atlantic - II. Effects on bitumen and kerogen. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 45(9), 1581-1602

Bernd R T Simoneit, Shmuel Brenner, K E Peters & I R Kaplan
The thermal effects of three (one major and two minor) Miocene diabase intrusions on Cretaceous black shales from DSDP site 41-368 have been analyzed. A concentration gradient was observed, especially for the hydrocarbons, decreasing towards the major intrusion and between the three sills. The thermally-altered samples in the proximity of and between the sills contained elemental sulfur and an excess of thermally-derived pristane over phytane. whereas, the unaltered sediments contained no elemental sulfur, and more...
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