(Table 3) Sulfur and oxygen isotopic composition of cold water soluble sulfate, and strontium content and isotopic composition of upper Miocene evaporite samples recovered from DSDP Site 23-227, supplement to: Zierenberg, Robert A; Shanks, Wayne C (1986): Isotopic constraints on the origin of the Atlantis II, Suakin and Valdivia brines, Red Sea. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 50(10), 2205-2214

Robert A Zierenberg & Wayne C Shanks
The origin of three Red Sea submarine brine pools was investigated by analysis of the S and O isotope ratios of dissolved sulfate and Sr isotope ratios of dissolved Sr in the brines. Sulfur and O isotope ratios of sulfate and Sr isotope ratios of evaporitic source rocks for the brines were measured for comparison. The S, O and Sr isotope ratios of evaporites recovered from DSDP site 227 are consistent with an upper Miocene...
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