Sedimentology, planktonic foraminifera distribution and stable isotope composition during marine isotope stage 3 of ODP Site 172-1060 in the West Atlantic, supplement to: Vautravers, Maryline J; Shackleton, Nicholas J; López-Martinez, Constancia; Grimalt, Joan O (2004): Gulf Stream variability during marine isotope stage 3. Paleoceanography, 19(2), PA2011

Maryline J Vautravers, Nicholas J Shackleton, Constancia López-Martinez & Joan O Grimalt
We have studied Ocean Drilling Program Site 1060 on the Blake Outer Ridge, which lies beneath the Gulf Stream. We focus on marine isotope stage 3, 60-25 thousand years before present (ka). Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) inferred both from foraminiferal fauna and alkenone ratios, as well as counts of iceberg melt-out debris and benthic stable isotope analyses, enable our record to be interpreted in terms of regional hydrographic changes as well as changing thermohaline circulation...
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